A Guide to Real-Estate Investment for Overseas Pakistanis

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Pakistan real estate

Pakistan’s real estate industry is successful and famous for providing good investment opportunities for both local and foreign Pakistanis. The interest of buyers matters a great deal, and prices are always fluctuating according to their preferences. Keeping this in mind, investors can now look deeply into Pakistan real estate and see where their money goes.

This is the best time for any Overseas Pakistanis interested in tapping into Pakistan real estate sector. With the government supplying overseas Pakistanis with investment opportunities in property, the graph continues to ascend for this sector. The Real Estate Business in Pakistan has provided overseas Pakistanis with investment opportunities in various areas throughout the country. Regardless, a decision this big requires extensive analysis and a clear knowledge of how property business in Pakistan operates to avoid falling for some fraud.

Factors to Consider for Real-Estate Investment in Pakistan

Let’s look into some of the factors to consider before investing your money in Pakistan real estate.

  • Analyze the Safety Measures Before Investing in a Project

How do you guarantee that the project in which you are investing is safe and secure? If it comes under the jurisdiction of civic authorities, such as the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), or a controlled administration body such as the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), or the Armed Forces of Pakistan (PAF), then it is considered to be a secure opportunity for investment. So before investing in Pakistan Real Estate, make sure to verify the clearance status from the regulatory bodies.

  • Double Check on the Real Estate Agent

A renowned agent or entrepreneur who has several successful ventures under his name can be more reliable. Real estate agents who are experienced will send you a preliminary timeline of how soon things are going to go forward.

A business survey would provide you with a clearer sense of the timelines and speed at which they work on their new ventures. Their pace and performance in future ventures will be the same. Before delving into property business in Pakistan, make sure you do a detailed analysis and form a decision relying not only on what you are promised, but on your own analysis as well. The basics you must be looking for are water, gas, and electricity. So, before investing in Pakistan Real Estate, the other pertinent things you should be looking at are commuting options, roads, infrastructure, and security of the area.

  • Be aware of Scammers and Deceivers

Investigate any piece of information connected with the property dealer that you may find. Some of the things you should consider are:

  • Approved building plans by the government that the investors can look at.
  • Having records of the property’s owner is crucial before investing in any kind of property business.
  • Ensure that the property dues are cleared before deciding to invest, as sellers can often place the financial dues onto the investor.
  • Make sure to keep copies of all the required documents beforehand.

Supportive Measures for Ex-Pats to Invest in Pakistan

If you look at the official website of Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF)., Pakistanis who are residing abroad since 23rd March 1979, and withhold the work visa by the Protectorate of Emigrants, Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BE&OE), and Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) are registered with the Overseas Pakistani Foundation and can use all the facilities it provides.

If any overseas Pakistani is not registered with OPF, then they can easily register themselves by paying PKR. 2000. As long as you are living overseas, you remain an OPF member.

Why Should Expats be looking at Investment Opportunities?

One of the key attractions for ex-pats in the property business in Pakistan is the country’s rapid economic growth. Pakistanis living abroad invest in a variety of industries in Pakistan. There are numerous benefits for overseas Pakistani’s to invest in real estate business in Pakistan, and the Investment Facilitation Centre of OPF has made the process of investment easier for them.

Pakistan’s investment situation holds many opportunities for overseas Pakistanis from agriculture, retail, IT & telecom, power, electricity, mines, tourism, garments, pharmaceutical, automotive, and financial services. Moreover, the property business in Pakistan is thriving because OPF itself has funded housing schemes in various places of Pakistan, which makes investment in real estate easier.

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