Choosing between Hotel apartments and Residential Apartments

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When visitors take a holiday, they have to pick what kind of accommodation to book. For a long time, hotel apartments have been the go-to choice, but the big change in the residential apartment industry is shifting a visitor’s preference. Real estate in Pakistan is witnessing a significant change in investment from plots to apartments. Due to urbanization and several other factors, the popularity of luxury apartments is on the rise. Based on their budget and preferences, investors in Pakistan either settle for cheaper traditional apartments or buy luxury apartments in Islamabad with top-quality amenities.

Over the years, there are several kinds of apartments that have gained popularity. Hotel apartments are one of them. In Pakistan’s booming real estate market, they have opened up a new opportunity for investors. This is one of the reasons why investors and buyers weigh their options before bringing their money into ventures with luxurious business units.
If you are confused about choosing between hotel apartments and residential apartments, we are listing down the main differences between the two.

What are Hotel Apartments?

When you enter a hotel apartment, you expect to find a fully furnished apartment that is suitable for both, a short and a long stay. These apartments offer complete, luxurious facilities from room service, valet parking, and much more. Along with that, they offer the visitors privacy, luxury, and comfort that comes with choosing to live in a residential apartment.

These serviced apartments also let the tenants enjoy the benefits of both, a traditional hotel and a residential apartment.. For businessmen commuting for work out of the city and visitors looking for lodging with top-class amenities, hotel apartments are gaining popularity. These features have gained the attention of locals as well as foreign investors for such modern ventures.

Similarly, Amigo Estate is a great example of a thriving real estate industry that offers plots for sale and luxury apartments in Islamabad. Amigo Estate offers apartments in Islamabad, apartments for sale in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad, projects for investors, and much more.

Which is better? Hotel Apartments or Residential Apartments?

Traditionally, if you are a visitor, you would choose to book a hotel room for a day or two. Now with the real estate industry booming in Pakistan, visitors can choose between booking hotels or residential apartments. So, which option is better? What do they offer?


One of the main advantages of choosing a residential apartment over a hotel apartment is space. Whether your intention of investment is to purchase a rental property or you wish to use it as a means to live depends on you. In comparison, residential apartments are more spacious than hotel apartments. There are some luxury apartments in Islamabad that provide similar amnesties as the one provided by Amigo Estate. If you are looking for apartments in Islamabad, then you can find one at an affordable rate than the cost of a hotel room. They offer more space to eat, live, and rest.


It is not common for a hotel room to have a kitchen, and even if there is one, it appears to be smaller that is not equipped with cooking necessities. Many people are choosing apartments across Pakistan due to their ample amnesties and investing in hotel apartments. For instance, there are apartments for sale in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad, which is in demand due to the area’s commercial facilities. If you are looking to stay for a long time, it is preferable to choose to invest or rent an apartment.


One of the major differences between hotel apartments vs. residential apartments is that hotel apartments come with many benefits for the tenants. They also come with fully furnished types of equipment that a person may need from kitchen space to washing machine. For instance, in Islamabad’s real estate industry, the demand for apartments in the commercial areas have increased over the years. This rising demand for apartments in the city is because they come with fully equipped facilities. Some of them also offer gym space, restaurants, and stores nearby. Depending on the sort of serviced apartment you choose, it offers the buyer more privacy and space than a normal hotel room.

While investing in hotel apartments yields higher benefits than residential apartments, the decision is determined by the investors’ preferences and budget. Based on the value for money, serviced apartments appear to be more expensive than a hotel apartment, but ultimately, depending on how long you choose to stay in the city, the facilities provided by a serviced apartment provide the consumer with top-class accommodation with the best setting and facilities. In the end, it is important to weigh down both options based on your necessities, so you can choose the best place to enjoy and relax in your free hours. Contact us

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