Impacts of Mega Retail Stores on Gulberg, Islamabad

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retail stores impact on gulberg

Property investment is one of the best ways to save money and gain significant profits. The real question, however, is to look for a property where one can invest safely and with confidence. Popular, well-planned cities like Islamabad are good places for investing because they have high chances of enhancing property value over time.

In this article, we will discuss the best places available in Islamabad for property investment. Gulberg, Islamabad is one of the finest residential societies in Islamabad in terms of investments. It is an emerging society with all of the necessities including schools, medical facilities, parks, and mosques. Moreover, luxurious shopping malls in Gulberg makes it an attractive place for investors. Mega retail stores’ impact on society has a significant share in the decision of the property investment and related profits.

Gulberg, Islamabad has several Mega retail stores to facilitate its residents and investors. Society has been planned based on highly intelligent smart city infrastructure with state of the art facilities and luxuries of living.

In this article, we will briefly explain the impact of mega retail stores on Gulberg, Islamabad, and its residents.

Here is a list of retail stores in Gulberg Islamabad:

Gulberg Mall

Gulberg Mall is one of the most prominent and luxurious malls in Islamabad, offering all the luxurious and signature living items. This is the place where customers can access a range of products with the best quality in the most comfortable environment. It has multiple facilities and services including a Kids’ play area, 2D and 3D cinema facilities, special food courts along with serene dining facilities, a well-equipped fitness center, gyms, and theatre halls with much more fun and entertainment.

Opal Square – Gulberg Residencia

Opal Square is located at the prime location of Gulberg, Islamabad, 6Km away from Islamabad Expressway. It has unique benefits for its customers like providing them with a hub for different kinds of shops and offices. This is where the business will enjoy a diverse set of benefits. Customers will have access to different service centers and shops under one roof. The management is building this mall with state of the art building facilities and architecture. It has plentiful space for safe car parking, HD quality cinema, kids play area, and fine dining services with several prominent outlets of cafes and restaurants. It provides amazing benefits and opportunities for investors to start a new era of business and shopping experience.

786 Arcade

Situated at the prime location of Gulberg Islamabad, 786 Arcade offers the best marketable complex. The well-organized mall provides proficient construction with exceptional architecture. With the adjacent Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad Highway, and Islamabad Club, the site proposes lucrative prospects for commercial maneuvers and investments. 786 Arcade also offers the best shopping experience for its customers by providing a multitude of choices in one place. Customers can easily shop on the go, enjoying their time with a vast variety of entertainment facilities being offered at the mall.
786 Arcade

Kashmir Empire

Kashmir Empire, located in Gulberg, Islamabad is easily accessible to the residents of the twin cities. It offers numerous brands and offices in one place. The mall provides strict surveillance and 24/7 security services, broad car parking place, swimming facilities, earthquake-proof construction, beautiful and decent penthouses, and much more for its customers and investors.

Above mentioned list of Mega retail stores in Gulberg, Islamabad depicts that the society has various amazing and state of the art mega retail stores. These impressive shopping malls and mega retails enhance the worth of the property of Gulberg, Islamabad. The impact of the retail stores on society and its residents is critical to attracting investors to the place. These stores help the residents enjoy their shopping experience without going far away. Besides shopping, these mega retails stores also allow different investors and service providers to establish their offices and boost their business and profits manifold. The society management is also providing other facilities including 24/7 security and surveillance services to enable them to live with confidence in a peaceful environment.

As discussed above, the impact of mega retail stores on Gulberg, Islamabad, and other state-of-the-art facilities makes it the perfect choice for investment in Islamabad.

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