Pandemic Did Not Devalue Defense Housing Authority Islamabad

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defence housing authority islamabad

Defense Housing Authority Islamabad undoubtedly, is one of the best housing schemes that are there in Pakistan. DHA has proved it’s worth through the pandemic of Covid-19. 

Covid-19 affected almost all business sectors & industries, all over the world. Huge losses were incurred by almost all industries, while Defense Housing Authority Pakistan remained stagnant. Although DHA’s business was not booming through the pandemic, it maintained its position, and was booming again, not very long after the lockdown was lifted. This is reflected in the consistent appreciation in the price of real estate in DHA. 

Defense Housing Authority Islamabad plots are like hot cakes these days, and being quickly bought and sold. Their sale and purchase rate is higher than most. Well, who can blame them? They are a wise investment choice, and a great place to live at. However, as always, residential plots are much more liquid, than the commercial plots are.

Commercial plots -in all honesty, are a bit harder to find. Mostly because their sale and purchase is not as frequent as Commercial plots in DHA start from 4 Marla to 2 Kanal to 12.9 Kanal. However the residential plots start from 5 Marla, and go up to 2 Kanal. The price of the plots may change due to different locations. 

For example a 5 marla plot in one DHA area, might cost more than a 7 marla plot in another area.
The pandemic has proved that buying plots in DHA, is probably the most secure option that there can be. Since the prices keep appreciating, you can easily inculcate capital gains. Doesn’t matter if you short sell or long sell, the profit is always yours. (this information is concluded from past trades)

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Now that does not mean that you should go ahead and buy whatever plots you see available there in DHA. Buying or selling real estate requires you to do an extensive market survey and collect relevant information. Getting the best money against your asset, or getting the best asset against your money, can be tricky, exhausting and time consuming. And making all those efforts on your own, might still not get you the best results because you lack experience and knowledge of years that real estate agents already have. You absolutely need an agent to do the job for you.

That is what agents are for.

Agents have the knowledge of the market, like none other. They were there before your interest, they will be there after your deal is done. Their job is to collect information, make patterns and predict market outcomes, have insights of what is going on behind the scenes, and make decisions and/or give advice accordingly. In simpler words, Real Estate agents are the people to go to, in order to make informed purchasing and/or selling decisions. And it goes without saying that Amigo Estate has the best agents; at your service. 

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