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Property Sale Purchase

It is never too late nor too early to buy property for sale in Pakistan. The prices of real estate double up so fast, that it is always the right decision to buy real estate, short sell, or sell after holding the property for some years. Real estate -by definition, is a land, and the natural or man-made structures attached to it, e.g., a house, tree, or a fence etc. This type of property is also called immovable property. Real estate trading is and has been a way of saving and investing money, for years. People invest their money, into a house or any other real estate building, and sell it after holding it for the time its value increases.

Property sale purchase is not very different from other sales and purchases. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, real estate trading -through an agent, can be the right thing for you. In order to know about all the available real estate for sale, or to know about all the potential buyers, you would have to travel long distances to visit sites, or contact dozens of people.

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Real estate agents can do the job for you. Real estate agents have information about all the available plots, houses, penthouses, shops etc. This makes them the person to go to when you have to buy or sell real estate. If you want to buy real estate, agents can match you up with the best seller. And if you are the seller of the property, then they can get you to get the best price for your property because they know the market prices of all the comparable properties available in the market.

Amigo Estate is unique and different from the other real estate companies in Pakistan because we have been and still are developing and launching new features and technology.

Our focus is to provide our customers with the best quality that there is. Some of our best features are:

1. Refined Search

Filters search results based on location, build-up area, property type and several other factors.

2. Unit Converter

Helps finding properties in marla, kanal or square feet (sqft) as per your requirement.

3. Instant WhatsApp

Inquire about the property of your choice by pushing the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right, relevant details would be included in the message by default.

4. Embedded Map

The customized map gives visitors a clear plan of where, which plots are available for sale/purchase. Pin location is also added in the details of each listing.

5. Automated Sync

The database is automatically synced , hence any update in the database will automatically change the website.

6. Trends

See and identify variations in prices and other patterns to better forecast future trends in the real estate sector.

7. Projects and Off Plans

Find the upcoming projects and off plans, have an edge over other investors for knowing about opportunities before time.

8. Hot Areas

Discover the most sought-after deals in the real estate sector so that you may get hands on one as soon as one is listed.

9. Key Features of Single Property

Specifically added details like the corner plot, main road etc. for single properties.

10. Wanted

Simply tell us what you have in mind, and we will bring to you just what you need.

Property investment in Pakistan is guaranteed to be very profitable if you have the right information, at the right time.

Having information about the entire market, by going to just one person is something very significant and beneficial. Having all the information is the first and the most fundamental step towards making an informed deal or an informed decision. Kudos to real estate agents, you no longer have to travel everywhere and meet people to gather bits of information, learn patterns, and create a big picture for yourself. Agents help you with not only that, they will also set you up with the most suitable selling/buying parties.

One should remember that making good deals is what keeps the professional agents’ businesses alive. Fraud at their end, does not only damage their repute, but also makes them guilty by law. And their license gets taken away.

Some buyers and/or sellers do think that they can save extra cash by not involving a real estate agent into the transaction, when in reality, that is not what actually happens. It is most likely that the seller will sell you the property on the market price of the property, and instead of paying the commission money to an agent they keep the money with them. On the other hand, not involving an agent, when you are the seller, will most likely not match you up with the best buyer for your property. So, in order to get the best out of the deal whether you are a buyer or a seller, you need to have a professional agent by your side.

Professional agents are there to do the work that they charge you for. And that work is not without purpose.

It is not every day that you find real estate websites in Pakistan that provide so many advanced features that take your trading experience to a whole new level. Amigo Estate is using technology to make your real estate trades smooth, enjoyable, and beneficial.

Now that you have read why it is crucial for you to get support from Amigo Estate for real estate trades, we encourage you to Contact us, let us help you find what you are looking for.

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