Why Invest in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad?

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Plots in gulberg green islamabad

With the growing number of investment opportunities available in Pakistan, investors are looking at property investment in Gulberg Islamabad which is one of the city’s recent housing developments. Though real estate investment is on the rise in Pakistan, many people are unsure about why they should invest in plots in Gulberg Green Islamabad.

Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad, a luxury city under development, is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) which is a welfare organization that is actively working to provide housing options for IB employees. The project is developed on the Islamabad Expressway, due to which it will directly benefit from the road’s transformation in a 25-kilometer long, signal-free avenue connecting Rawat and Zero Point.

The management committee is made up of in-service IB staff. IBECHS is a well-known company that has completed a variety of housing projects. It is more than a match for the magnificent city since it is situated at a prime location and contains all the necessary facilities such as schools, shopping centers, high-end shopping malls, colleges, and universities. As it aspires to be a city within a city, it will provide those who are interested in investment in Gulberg Islamabad with all of the amenities one requires to live a happy and comfortable life. The area is known for its beautiful scenery, and the infrastructure is smart, modern, and long-lasting, promising a stable, healthy, and luxurious existence.

Investment Opportunities in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad

Investing in Gulberg Islamabad will help you lead a comfortable life. The area is preferred by many investors due to its prime location, which is why if you are looking to buy plots in Gulberg Green Islamabad, you are securing yourself a comfortable future. Gulberg Greens is in CDA zone 4 of Islamabad Capital Territory, while Gulberg Residencia is in CDA zone 5. Gulberg Greens is an exclusive farmhouse project that caters to the social elite. These farmhouses provide a comfortable and high standard of living, making them perfect for those that want to get far from the daily grind and city life.

Market Analysis

The Gulberg Greens farmhouses have plot sizes ranging from 4 to 10 Kanal. There are six main blocks in the town.

  • Executive Block
  • A-Block
  • B-Block
  • C-Block
  • D-Block
  • E-Block

Apart from that, Gulberg Greens is made up of three commercial centers in Gulberg Islamabad: Civic Centre, Business Square, Business Park, and Blue Area, which has both Greens and Residencia shares. When it comes to benefit potential, this is the most significant consideration for a property investor, as anything else is secondary. Since the construction criteria are at par with Bahria Town and DHA housing societies, the profit potential is great, especially once the project is complete. People looking to buy plots in Gulberg Green Islamabad will reap the benefits of all the amenities available in the area.

When you compare Gulberg’s per-Kanal price to that of other established societies in the region, you’ll be surprised at the difference. Plots are also being offered to act as low-cost investments in the society. Since rates are still low and accessible to a large number of investors, there is a strong chance of a good capital gain in the next few years. To those who are looking for investment in Gulberg Islamabad, now is a perfect time!

Local Regulatory Body Plans

In recent years, dozens of societies have arisen providing several attraction points like location, rates, payment plans, prospects, and the expansion of Islamabad’s capital city. The Gulberg housing project is located near the Airport Chowk on the main Islamabad Highway. Gulberg’s most appealing attribute is its location, which is just 25 kilometers from the heart of Islamabad while traveling on the main Islamabad Highway.

What makes Gulberg Greens’ location a safe and wise investment? The luxury farmhouses and houses come with a variety of high-end amenities, making them an excellent residential and investment choice. Citizens will have access to all of life’s necessities, as well as a safe and green environment in which to raise their families. Other than its location, Gulberg’s development criteria set it apart from other investment options in this budget range. Gulberg has all you want for standard living at an affordable price point if you are looking for a luxurious living in Islamabad. The development pace has increased, and all the major construction work is expected to finish in the next two to three years. Some of the other benefits that investment in Gulberg Islamabad provides are:

  • Major business centers in Gulberg Islamabad.
  • The housing scheme promotes a sustainable lifestyle.
  • It provides a clean and green location.
  • The infrastructure is made up of sustainable materials.
  • It has an electricity back-up.
  • It provides a solution for water shortage and drainage.
  • It offers residents a complete security network.

Gulberg Islamabad will change people’s lives by providing them with a safe and luxurious lifestyle. Since it is situated on the main Islamabad Highway and in a central location, it is suitable for people of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Aside from residential and green areas, the project has thoughtfully constructed spaces that can accommodate a variety of businesses. In the end, it is important to weigh down both options based on your necessities, to see how Amigo Estate can help turn your vision into reality, contact us.

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