Gulberg Islamabad is a project of Intelligence bureau employees cooperative
housing society. It is one of the best Housing Society in Rawalpindi and
On the Prime Location of D Markaz Colosseum
Gulberg will be a unique architecture with
best construction and infrastructure.
• Shops
• Residential Flats
• Food Court
• Luxury Design
• Central heating and cooling
• Escalators
• Elevator
• CCTV camera
• Standby power generator
• Gated & Secured
• Multi Purpose lobby
• Car Parking



  • Parking


Floor Plans

Sr #TypeArea (Sq.ft)Price Per (Sq.ft)Down Payment 30%12 Quarterly Installment (60%)On Possession 10%Total Price 100%
1 and 19SHOP191.035 Thousand20.06 Lakh40.11 Lakh6.69 Lakh66.85 Lakh
2-5 , 15-17SHOP198.035 Thousand20.79 Lakh41.58 Lakh6.93 Lakh69.30 Lakh
6SHOP178.035 Thousand18.69 Lakh37.38 Lakh6.23 Lakh62.30 Lakh
7SHOP184.035 Thousand19.32 Lakh38.64 Lakh6.44 Lakh64.40 Lakh
8SHOP270.535 Thousand28.40 Lakh56.81 Lakh9.47 Lakh94.68 Lakh
9-11SHOP174.335 Thousand18.30 Lakh36.60 Lakh6.10 Lakh60.99 Lakh
12SHOP278.335 Thousand29.22 Lakh58.45 Lakh9.74 Lakh97.41 Lakh
13SHOP175.035 Thousand18.38 Lakh36.75 Lakh6.13 Lakh61.25 Lakh
14SHOP179.035 Thousand18.80 Lakh37.59 Lakh6.27 Lakh62.65 Lakh
18SHOP180.035 Thousand18.90 Lakh37.80 Lakh6.30 Lakh63 Lakh
20SHOP193.035 Thousand20.27 Lakh40.53 Lakh6.76 Lakh67.55 Lakh
21SHOP187.035 Thousand19.64 Lakh39.27 Lakh6.55 Lakh65.45 Lakh
22-26 , 32-35SHOP208.035 Thousand21.84 Lakh43.68 Lakh7.28 Lakh72.80 Lakh
27SHOP172.035 Thousand18.06 Lakh36.12 Lakh6.02 Lakh60.20 Lakh
28SHOP163.035 Thousand17.12 Lakh34.23 Lakh5.71 Lakh57.05 Lakh
29SHOP203.935 Thousand21.41 Lakh42.81 Lakh7.14 Lakh71.35 Lakh
30SHOP154.635 Thousand16.23 Lakh32.46 Lakh5.41 Lakh54.11 Lakh
31SHOP244.135 Thousand25.63 Lakh51.26 Lakh8.54 Lakh85.44 Lakh
36SHOP151.135 Thousand15.86 Lakh31.72 Lakh5.29 Lakh52.87 Lakh
37SHOP190.535 Thousand20.00 Lakh40.00 Lakh6.67 Lakh66.67 Lakh
38SHOP270.135 Thousand28.36 Lakh56.71 Lakh9.45 Lakh94.52 Lakh
39SHOP268.335 Thousand28.17 Lakh56.33 Lakh9.39 Lakh93.89 Lakh
40SHOP277.035 Thousand29.09 Lakh58.17 Lakh9.70 Lakh96.96 Lakh
41SHOP154.635 Thousand16.24 Lakh32.47 Lakh5.41 Lakh54.12 Lakh
42SHOP152.035 Thousand15.96 Lakh31.92 Lakh5.32 Lakh53.20 Lakh
43-45SHOP206.035 Thousand21.63 Lakh43.26 Lakh7.21 Lakh72.10 Lakh
46 and 49SHOP212.035 Thousand22.26 Lakh44.52 Lakh7.42 Lakh74.20 Lakh
47SHOP258.035 Thousand27.09 Lakh54.18 Lakh9.03 Lakh90.30 Lakh
48SHOP211.035 Thousand22.16 Lakh44.31 Lakh7.39 Lakh73.85 Lakh
50,51,54,55SHOP160.035 Thousand16.80 Lakh33.60 Lakh5.60 Lakh56 Lakh
52SHOP218.035 Thousand22.89 Lakh45.78 Lakh7.63 Lakh76.30 Lakh
53SHOP202.035 Thousand21.21 Lakh42.42 Lakh7.07 Lakh70.70 Lakh
56 and 57SHOP159.035 Thousand16.70 Lakh33.39 Lakh5.57 Lakh55.65 Lakh
58SHOP187.035 Thousand19.64 Lakh39.27 Lakh6.55 Lakh65.45 Lakh
59SHOP198.135 Thousand20.80 Lakh41.60 Lakh6.93 Lakh69.33 Lakh
60SHOP157.235 Thousand16.50 Lakh33.01 Lakh5.50 Lakh55.01 Lakh
61SHOP152.135 Thousand15.97 Lakh31.95 Lakh5.32 Lakh53.25 Lakh
Sr #TypeArea (Sq.ft)Price Per (Sq.ft)Down Payment 30%12 Quarterly Installment (60%)On Possession 10%Total Price 100%
1,12SHOP191.028 Thousand16.04 Lakh32.09 Lakh5.35 Lakh53.48 Lakh
2,3,10,19SHOP198.028 Thousand16.63 Lakh33.26 Lakh5.54 Lakh55.44 Lakh
4-9SHOP186.228 Thousand15.64 Lakh31.29 Lakh5.21 Lakh52.15 Lakh
11SHOP180.028 Thousand15.12 Lakh30.24 Lakh5.04 Lakh50.40 Lakh
13SHOP207.828 Thousand17.45 Lakh34.90 Lakh5.82 Lakh58.17 Lakh
14SHOP187.828 Thousand15.78 Lakh31.55 Lakh5.26 Lakh52.59 Lakh
15SHOP178.028 Thousand14.95 Lakh29.90 Lakh4.98 Lakh49.84 Lakh
16SHOP221.128 Thousand18.57 Lakh37.14 Lakh6.19 Lakh61.90 Lakh
17SHOP288.028 Thousand24.19 Lakh48.38 Lakh8.06 Lakh80.63 Lakh
18SHOP220.028 Thousand18.48 Lakh36.96 Lakh6.16 Lakh61.60 Lakh
20SHOP273.328 Thousand22.96 Lakh45.91 Lakh7.65 Lakh76.52 Lakh
21SHOP217.928 Thousand18.30 Lakh36.60 Lakh6.10 Lakh61.00 Lakh
22SHOP155.028 Thousand13.02 Lakh26.04 Lakh4.34 Lakh43.40 Lakh
23SHOP271.728 Thousand22.83 Lakh45.65 Lakh7.61 Lakh76.08 Lakh
24SHOP223.828 Thousand18.80 Lakh37.59 Lakh6.27 Lakh62.65 Lakh
25SHOP206.028 Thousand17.30 Lakh34.61 Lakh5.77 Lakh57.68 Lakh
26SHOP306.828 Thousand25.77 Lakh51.54 Lakh8.59 Lakh85.90 Lakh
27SHOP226.928 Thousand19.06 Lakh38.11 Lakh6.35 Lakh63.52 Lakh
28SHOP215.028 Thousand18.06 Lakh36.12 Lakh6.02 Lakh60.20 Lakh
29SHOP199.028 Thousand16.72 Lakh33.43 Lakh5.57 Lakh55.72 Lakh
30SHOP170.028 Thousand14.28 Lakh28.56 Lakh4.76 Lakh47.60 Lakh
31SHOP172.028 Thousand14.45 Lakh28.90 Lakh4.82 Lakh48.16 Lakh
32SHOP234.028 Thousand19.66 Lakh39.31 Lakh6.55 Lakh65.52 Lakh
33SHOP229.028 Thousand19.24 Lakh38.47 Lakh6.41 Lakh64.12 Lakh
34,35SHOP226.028 Thousand18.98 Lakh37.97 Lakh6.33 Lakh63.28 Lakh
36,37SHOP175.628 Thousand14.75 Lakh29.50 Lakh4.92 Lakh49.17 Lakh
38SHOP157.228 Thousand13.21 Lakh26.41 Lakh4.40 Lakh44.02 Lakh
39SHOP150.728 Thousand12.66 Lakh25.31 Lakh4.22 Lakh42.19 Lakh
Sr #TypeArea (Sq.ft)Price Per (Sq.ft)Down Payment 30%12 Quarterly Installment (60%)On Possession 10%Total Price 100%
1APARTMENT470.810 Thousand14.12 Lakh28.25 Lakh4.71 Lakh47.08 Lakh
2APARTMENT447.810 Thousand13.43 Lakh26.87 Lakh4.48 Lakh44.78 Lakh
3APARTMENT454.710 Thousand13.64 Lakh27.28 Lakh4.55 Lakh45.47 Lakh
4-17APARTMENT479.710 Thousand14.39 Lakh28.78 Lakh4.80 Lakh47.97 Lakh
18APARTMENT740.010 Thousand22.20 Lakh44.40 Lakh7.40 Lakh74 Lakh
19APARTMENT860.010 Thousand25.80 Lakh51.60 Lakh8.60 Lakh86 Lakh
20-23 , 25-28APARTMENT606.010 Thousand18.18 Lakh36.36 Lakh6.06 Lakh60.60 Lakh
24APARTMENT856.010 Thousand25.68 Lakh51.36 Lakh8.56 Lakh85.60 Lakh
29APARTMENT429.010 Thousand12.87 Lakh25.74 Lakh4.29 Lakh42.90 Lakh
30APARTMENT468.010 Thousand14.04 Lakh28.08 Lakh4.68 Lakh46.80 Lakh
Sr #TypeArea (Sq.ft)Price Per (Sq.ft)Down Payment 30%12 Quarterly Installment (60%)On Possession 10%Total Price 100%
1SHOP283.045 Thousand38.21 Lakh76.41 Lakh12.74 Lakh1.27 Crore
2-7 , 12-16SHOP228.045 Thousand30.78 Lakh61.56 Lakh10.26 Lakh1.03 Crore
8 and 11SHOP189.045 Thousand25.52 Lakh51.03 Lakh8.51 Lakh85.05 Lakh
9-10SHOP175.045 Thousand23.63 Lakh47.25 Lakh7.88 Lakh78.75 Lakh
17SHOP162.045 Thousand21.87 Lakh43.74 Lakh7.29 Lakh72.90 Lakh
17-ASHOP84.045 Thousand11.34 Lakh22.68 Lakh3.78 Lakh37.80 Lakh
18SHOP181.045 Thousand24.44 Lakh48.87 Lakh8.15 Lakh81.45 Lakh
19SHOP180.045 Thousand24.30 Lakh48.60 Lakh8.10 Lakh81 Lakh
20SHOP214.045 Thousand28.89 Lakh57.78 Lakh9.63 Lakh96.30 Lakh
21SHOP237.445 Thousand32.05 Lakh64.10 Lakh10.68 Lakh1.07 Crore
22SHOP215.045 Thousand29.02 Lakh58.04 Lakh9.67 Lakh96.73 Lakh
23SHOP200.045 Thousand27 Lakh54 Lakh9 Lakh90 Lakh
24SHOP266.045 Thousand35.91 Lakh71.82 Lakh11.97 Lakh1.20 Crore
25SHOP179.145 Thousand24.17 Lakh48.34 Lakh8.06 Lakh80.57 Lakh
26SHOP197.045 Thousand26.60 Lakh53.19 Lakh8.87 Lakh88.65 Lakh
27SHOP166.645 Thousand22.49 Lakh44.99 Lakh7.50 Lakh74.98 Lakh
28SHOP187.345 Thousand25.28 Lakh50.56 Lakh8.43 Lakh84.27 Lakh
29SHOP303.045 Thousand40.91 Lakh81.81 Lakh13.64 Lakh1.36 Crore
30 and 31SHOP214.045 Thousand28.89 Lakh57.78 Lakh9.63 Lakh96.30 Lakh
32SHOP150.045 Thousand20.25 Lakh40.50 Lakh6.75 Lakh67.50 Lakh
33 and 34SHOP159.045 Thousand21.47 Lakh42.93 Lakh7.16 Lakh71.55 Lakh
35SHOP228.045 Thousand30.78 Lakh61.56 Lakh10.26 Lakh1.03 Crore
36 and 37SHOP179.045 Thousand24.17 Lakh48.33 Lakh8.06 Lakh80.55 Lakh
38SHOP177.045 Thousand23.90 Lakh47.79 Lakh7.97 Lakh79.65 Lakh
39SHOP170.045 Thousand22.95 Lakh45.90 Lakh7.65 Lakh76.50 Lakh
Sr #TypeArea (Sq.ft)Price Per (Sq.ft)Down Payment 30%12 Quarterly Installment (60%)On Possession 10%Total Price 100%
1SHOP328.735 Thousand34.51 Lakh69.02 Lakh11.50 Lakh1.15 Crore
2SHOP307.735 Thousand32.30 Lakh64.61 Lakh10.77 Lakh1.08 Crore
3-8 , 11-16SHOP160.735 Thousand16.87 Lakh33.74 Lakh5.62 Lakh56.23 Lakh
9 and 25SHOP152.735 Thousand16.03 Lakh32.06 Lakh5.34 Lakh53.43 Lakh
10SHOP154.735 Thousand16.24 Lakh32.48 Lakh5.41 Lakh54.13 Lakh
17SHOP220.735 Thousand23.17 Lakh46.34 Lakh7.72 Lakh77.24 Lakh
18SHOP196.435 Thousand20.63 Lakh41.25 Lakh6.88 Lakh68.75 Lakh
19-24 , 27-32SHOP150.735 Thousand15.82 Lakh31.64 Lakh5.27 Lakh52.73 Lakh
26, 47- 49SHOP151.735 Thousand15.92 Lakh31.85 Lakh5.31 Lakh53.08 Lakh
33SHOP180.635 Thousand18.96 Lakh37.92 Lakh6.32 Lakh63.20 Lakh
34 and 35SHOP150.635 Thousand15.81 Lakh31.62 Lakh5.27 Lakh52.70 Lakh
36SHOP169.635 Thousand17.80 Lakh35.61 Lakh5.93 Lakh59.35 Lakh
37SHOP159.135 Thousand16.70 Lakh33.40 Lakh5.57 Lakh55.67 Lakh
38SHOP156.935 Thousand16.48 Lakh32.96 Lakh5.49 Lakh54.93 Lakh
39SHOP159.135 Thousand16.71 Lakh33.41 Lakh5.57 Lakh55.69 Lakh
40SHOP159.235 Thousand16.71 Lakh33.42 Lakh5.57 Lakh55.70 Lakh
41SHOP230.135 Thousand24.16 Lakh48.31 Lakh8.05 Lakh80.52 Lakh
42SHOP171.235 Thousand17.98 Lakh35.96 Lakh5.99 Lakh59.93 Lakh
43SHOP152.935 Thousand16.05 Lakh32.10 Lakh5.35 Lakh53.50 Lakh
44SHOP173.735 Thousand18.23 Lakh36.47 Lakh6.08 Lakh60.78 Lakh
45SHOP169.435 Thousand17.79 Lakh35.58 Lakh5.93 Lakh59.30 Lakh
46SHOP171.735 Thousand18.02 Lakh36.05 Lakh6.01 Lakh60.08 Lakh
50SHOP152.235 Thousand15.98 Lakh31.96 Lakh5.33 Lakh53.27 Lakh
51SHOP152.835 Thousand16.04 Lakh32.09 Lakh5.35 Lakh53.48 Lakh



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